Notification of Contentious issues

AF Gruppen

Norwegian version | Svensk version

Welcome to AF Gruppen’s channel for notification of contentious issues, which is operated and handled by the forensic services department of the accounting and consulting company BDO AS (BDO). This channel is available to all employees, contract workers, suppliers, partners and clients of AF Gruppen.

Please provide as detailed and accurate information as possible. If you provide contact information such as name, address, telephone number or email address, it will be easier for BDO to contact you. You are not required to answer each question and you may also choose to hide your identity from AF Gruppen even if you provide BDO with your contact details. If you wish to hide your identity to others but not to BDO, kindly provide this information.

If you accept being contacted by BDO Forensic Services, please submit your contact information. If you do not provide your contact information, we will not be able to keep you informed of the status of your case or ask you questions that may be important for the case you are reporting.