Energy Transition Diagnostic Tool

Welcome to the BDO Energy Transition Diagnostic Tool

With the growing focus on climate change and emissions reduction, coupled with the increasing compliance and governance requirements driven by governments, investors and global institutions, BDO has created a short survey open to all companies around the world aimed at assessing a company’s progression on the adoption of sustainable energy solutions and commitments to energy transition.

The survey is structured around five pillars:

Awareness & Adoption – Awareness and deployment of alternative energies

Energy Efficiencies – Awareness and deployment of energy efficiency technologies

Challenges and Opportunities – Challenges and opportunities of sustainable energy management

Strategy & Commitment – Strategy and commitment for carbon and climate change

Monitoring & Reporting – Targets and reporting for carbon and climate change

All participants will receive a Personalised Benchmark Report with some guidance and insights around where they sit in relation to their industry peers or against the collective data group where there is not yet enough data to provide an industry view.

For any questions regarding the survey, please contact

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